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Influence of methods and conditions of nutrient solution supply on the performance of gaseous VOCs treatment in a biofiltration system

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  • 生物脱臭装置における栄養塩溶液の供給方式および供給条件がVOCガス処理性能に及ぼす影響
  • セイブツ ダッシュウ ソウチ ニ オケル エイヨウエン ヨウエキ ノ キョウキュウ ホウシキ オヨビ キョウキュウ ジョウケン ガ VOC ガス ショリ セイノウ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ

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<p>In biofiltration systems for gaseous pollutants control, appropriate range of moisture and nutritious ingredients have to be maintained in a packed bed to obtain a stable performance. In this study, mass-transfer mechanisms of ammonium chloride in the biofiltration, which treats gaseous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and which has the packed bed of porous PVF (polyvinyl formal) irrigated by soaking, were evaluated through a simplified soaking experiment focused on nitrogen source as the key constituent. And a series of experiments on biofiltration of gaseous VOCs was carried out for the following two purposes : to specify an optimal condition of soaking-irrigation, and to compare the performance between the system with soaking-irrigation and that with trickling-irrigation which is commonly applied. Results showed that soaking-irrigation was more effective than trickling-irrigation in removal of gaseous toluene, a hydrophobic component. With regarding 75% of moisture content of packed bed as the boundary value, molecular diffusion and irrigating-water advection were dominant mass-transfer mechanisms of nutritious materials in higher and lower moisture content, respectively. However, the amount of mass-transfer of nutritious material in lower moisture content tended to be lower than that is expected by the estimation under the amount of advection with water transfer. Excess frequency of soaking-irrigation led to excess biomass growth in the packed bed, and this is possibly derived not from excess nitrogen source but from water accumulation. Soaking-irrigation had better be conducted after that moisture content of packed bed is confirmed to be below 75%.</p>



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