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Effect of Space for Work and Rest-Break on Perceived Mental Fatigue:

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  • 作業環境や休憩場所が精神的疲労感に及ぼす影響
  • 作業環境や休憩場所が精神的疲労感に及ぼす影響 : 屋内空間と屋上空間の比較
  • サギョウ カンキョウ ヤ キュウケイ バショ ガ セイシンテキ ヒロウカン ニ オヨボス エイキョウ : オクナイ クウカン ト オクジョウ クウカン ノ ヒカク
  • Comparison of Indoor and Rooftop Space
  • -屋内空間と屋上空間の比較-

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<p>This study examined whether space for work and space where workers take rest-breaks after work have an effect on their perceived mental fatigue. The participants were divided into two groups and asked to perform a simple experimental task (hand-copying sentences from a book). One group did so in an indoor space and the other on a rooftop. Perceived mental fatigue was measured using the Profile of Mood States-2nd Edition at the pre- and post-task stages. Participants were allowed five-minute rest-breaks in their respective spaces after the task. Then, those who had previously performed the task indoors performed it on the rooftop, and vice versa. The results showed that the degree of elevation in perceived mental fatigue between the pre- and post-task was not different between the indoor and rooftop space. However, those who took their five-minute rest-breaks in the rooftop space reported a larger reduction in perceived mental fatigue than their indoor counterparts did. Our findings imply that taking post-work rest-breaks on rooftops is more effective for reducing perceived mental fatigue than taking rest-breaks indoors.</p>


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