Kinematics and kinetics analysis during single-leg landing from different height

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  • 異なる台高からの片脚着地動作の運動学・運動力学的分析
  • コトナル ダイ ダカ カラ ノ カタ キャク チャクチ ドウサ ノ ウンドウガク ・ ウン ドウリキガクテキ ブンセキ

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<p>There was a possibility that different landing strategies may be obtained by increasing the box height during a single-leg landing task. It was useful for prevention of ACL injury and rehabilitation. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of different landing height on the trunk, pelvis, lower limb joint angle, joint moment, ground reaction force, and lower limb muscle activities during single-leg landing. The subjects were 17 female athletes. The motion task was single-leg landing with the dominant leg from the 30cm or 45cm height box. Measurements were performed using a three-dimensional motion analysis system, force-platform, and surface electrodes. On the 45cm-height box, increased trunk forward tilt angle and joint movements on the frontal plane and horizontal plane of the hip, trunk, and pelvis were observed. And, the increased valgus moment of the knee joint and increased quadriceps muscle activities was observed. Therefore, the landing motion had a high risk of ACL injury. It is considered that single-leg landing motion with different box height is useful for injury risk screening and rehabilitation.</p>


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