Variations of CO2 flux according to observation points and days in broadleaf forest in the north part of okinawa

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  • 冬季の沖縄県北部亜熱帯広葉樹林地域における CO2 フラックスの地点および観測日による変動実態
  • トウキ ノ オキナワケン ホクブ アネッタイ コウヨウジュリン チイキ ニ オケル CO ₂ フラックス ノ チテン オヨビ カンソクビ ニ ヨル ヘンドウ ジッタイ

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In this research we observed CO2 flux, soil temperature, and soil moisture in the broadleaf forest in the northern area of Okinawa in order to identify the variance of CO2 flux by observation point and day. We then compared the results with the values report-ed in previous studies. We also analyzed the particle distribution, organic matter content, and root content of gathered soils, and analyzed the relationship be-tween these data and CO2 flux. Moreover, we conduct-ed indoor experiments of CO2 flux and compared the results with those of the field observations. As a result, the following were recognized. (1) The observed CO2 flux differed by observation point. It was suggested that because diff erences in soil temperature among ob-servation points were small, its affect on CO2 flux fig-ures were minimal. (2) The observed CO2 flux was smaller than these data reported in old studies due to the removal of A0 layers. (3) The increase in soil moisture is considered to have reduced CO2 flux. (4) Relationships between CO2 flux and particle distribu-tion, organic matter content, and root content were not clear. (5) Soil temperature dependence of CO2 flux was confirmed and Q10 values were within the range of values reported in previous studies.


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