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Analysis of Automobile Motion after Side-Collision

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  • 側面衝突後の車両運動評価
  • 側面衝突後の車両運動評価 : 衝突角(車両進入方向角)の違いが挙動に与える影響
  • ソクメン ショウトツ ゴ ノ シャリョウ ウンドウ ヒョウカ : ショウトツカク(シャリョウ シンニュウ ホウコウカク)ノ チガイ ガ キョドウ ニ アタエル エイキョウ
  • —Influence of Collision-Angle on the Automobile Behavior—
  • —衝突角(車両進入方向角)の違いが挙動に与える影響—

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<p>Automobile collision safety for the accident between the vehicles at the first collision has advanced by experimental, computational and theoretical evaluation. For more improvement of the collision safety, it is necessary to understand the automobile motion after primary collision to protect the driver, pedestrian and worker from another accident occurred by subsequence collision. However, collision experiment and safety measure, which is considered to secondary collision, are not sufficiently carried out, since the vehicle motion after the first collision is complicated and difficult to predict, although theoretical analysis has been reported. In previous paper, we reported the effect of wheel rotation and collision-position on the collided vehicle behavior after side-collision. In this study, in order to evaluate the influence of collision-angle, which represents the angle of motion direction between two vehicles, for collided vehicle motion after collision, we carried out the side-collision experiment with simple vehicle model on the difference collisionangle, and analyzed the trajectory of struck-vehicle motion. As the results, the collision-angle influences in the vehicle rotation and moving distance, and in the rear-side collision, re-collision is caused at all angles.</p>


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