The Process of the Internship for Student with Disabilities in Corporations


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  • 企業が障害学生向けインターンシップを実施するプロセス
  • キギョウ ガ ショウガイ ガクセイ ムケ インターンシップ オ ジッシ スル プロセス

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<p>This study on employment in charge of the internship for student with disabilities in corporations aimed to acquire pabulum for promoting the internship for students with disabilities in corporations by revealing the process of carrying out the internship and these factors. As a result of analysis by M-GTA, the powers of support to the process, such as a development of intracompany resources and philosophies and a returning profits to corporations from accepting students as interns, were the contributing factors. On the other hand, it is suggested that the obstructive factors, such as difficulty of cooperating with corporations and universities and hesitating factors caused by employment support, would be the burden. In order to extend the internship for students with disabilities, it is important to associate corporations and universities, to organize a system, and to change of consciousness for employment of people with disabilities.</p>


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