Examination of Effect of Childcare Training on Improvement of Practical Childcare Skills and its Promoting Factors: Focusing on Practical Childcare Skills in Relationships with Children

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  • 保育実践力向上に及ぼす保育実習の効果とその促進要因の検討− 子どもとの関わりに関する保育実践力に注目して−
  • 保育実践力向上に及ぼす保育実習の効果とその促進要因の検討 : 子どもとの関わりに関する保育実践力に注目して
  • ホイク ジッセンリョク コウジョウ ニ オヨボス ホイク ジッシュウ ノ コウカ ト ソノ ソクシン ヨウイン ノ ケントウ : コドモ ト ノ カカワリ ニ カンスル ホイク ジッセンリョク ニ チュウモク シテ

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The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of childcare training on improvement of practical childcare skills and its promoting factors. The participants were 130 university students of a nursery teacher training course. Before and after childcare training, the participants were asked to respond to the “Practical Childcare Skills Standards (Relationships with Children),” and the rating scale on the degree of self-confidence in building relationships with children and caregivers. As a result, it was found that “communication skills necessary for childcare practice,” “ability to plan childcare,” and “ability to expand childcare developmentally.” improved after childcare training. In addition, it was confirmed that participants’ self-confidence in relationships with children and caregivers before and after childcare training had a positive influence on their practical childcare skills after childcare training.


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