Electrical Muscle Stimulation to Develop and Implement Menstrual Simulator System

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<p>Menstrual symptoms and cycles are complex, and the associated discomfort is difficult to quantify. Therefore, men, and some women, do not completely understand them. Here, we propose a system that simulates menstruation-like cramps through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). We conducted an experiment to compare and evaluate the natural and electrically stimulated menstrual cramps. The results show that menstrual cramps using EMS can reproduce the nature of periodic dull pain. However, in this study, the position where the pain occurred was shallow. Furthermore, we constructed a demonstration system based on the proposed method. From the exhibition, we confirmed that this experience can help verbalize menstrual-related discomfort and allow people to better understand menstrual symptoms. In other words, this experience will help eliminate negative perception of menstruation.</p>



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