Development of CBT Reading Items to Elicit “Aggressive Reading”

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  • 「積極的読み」を引き出すCBT 読解問題の開発
  • 「積極的読み」を引き出すCBT読解問題の開発 : 東京大学入学試験の国語問題を活用して
  • 「 セッキョクテキ ヨミ 」 オ ヒキダス CBT ドッカイ モンダイ ノ カイハツ : トウキョウ ダイガク ニュウガク シケン ノ コクゴ モンダイ オ カツヨウ シテ
  • -Using Language Test of the University of Tokyo Entrance Examination-
  • ―東京大学入学試験の国語問題を活用して―

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<p>Aggressive reading is a prerequisite cognitive activity in college life, in which readers deconstruct a text into pieces of information and restructure them into a coherent understanding. University entrance examinees, however, often rely on shallow processing including test wiseness. We therefore developed CBT reading items to elicit aggressive reading for previous language tests of the University of Tokyo entrance examination. We compared this revised version with the original version transplanted from the examination to study the effects on items requiring knowledge integration using two groups of students, totaling 79, who differed in their experiences of aggressive reading. A two-way ANOVA revealed significant interactions between the versions and the groups. CBT also enabled process analyses that revealed a hidden difference in the solution processes of the two sub-groups of students who demonstrated equivalent good results. The results indicate the potential of CBT in assisting and assessing the reading processes.</p>


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