Tracing the Roots of Micronesian Art through the Work of Picture Book Illustrator Hiroshi Gima : Exploring the Clues Hidden in His Life Story

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  • 絵本作家・儀間比呂志に見る「南洋群島」美術の系譜:ライフヒストリーを手がかりに
  • エホン サッカ ・ ギカンヒロシ ニ ミル 「 ナンヨウ グントウ 」 ビジュツ ノ ケイフ : ライフヒストリー オ テガカリ ニ

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2017年4月,版画家で絵本作家の儀間比呂志(1923-2017年)が94歳で逝去した。儀間は40年以上にわたり「沖縄」をテーマにした絵本作品を発表し続け,沖縄の児童文学を牽引してきた作家である。だが絵本作家になる以前の儀間の生い立ちや経歴,影響を受けた人物,作品,画家としての仕事については,断片的にしかとらえられてこなかった。特に若き日の「南洋群島」での体験がのちの画家としての生きざま,作品のテーマに影響を及ぼしたことが窺われるにもかかわらず,ほとんど知られていない。 そこで本論文では,まず第一に美術家になる以前の儀間の半生に着目し,その空白期を埋めるとともにその間の体験の意味を明らかにした。さらに,美術家としての儀間の思想に「南洋群島」という地がどう関わったのか,儀間に内在した「南」への志向が子どもの本の仕事へ与えた影響についても考察した。 Printmaker and picture book illustrator Hiroshi Gima (1923-2017) passed away in April this year at the age of 94. With a career spanning more than 40 years, Gima was a leading figure in the world of children’s literature in Okinawa, having produced a large number of picture books with Okinawan themes over these four decades. However, aspects of Gima’s life before he became a picture book illustrator, such as his upbringing and career, the people who influenced him, the pieces he produced, and his work as an artist during this time, had previously only been explored in fragments. In particular, the time he spent in Micronesia in his youth would most likely have influenced the themes of his pieces and his life as an artist, but very little is known about this period of his past. This report primarily examines the first half of Gima’s life before he became an artist, filling in the blanks and uncovering the meaning his experiences during this time held for him. Further, it also discusses how the Micronesia region affected Gima’s way of thinking as an artist, and the influence his “southern orientation” had on his work illustrating children’s books.


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