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  • The <14>^C AMS facility of the Nagoya University : present status of the Tandetron-I and -II AMS systems

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A Tandetron accelerator mass spectrometer, an apparatus dedicated to high sensitivity radiocarbon (^<14>C) measurements, manufactured by General Ionex Corporation, USA, has been used since 1983 to measure the ^<14>C concentrations of environmental samples as well as ^<14>C dates of geological and archaeological materials, at the Dating and Materials Research Center, Nagoya University. The authors present here a brief review of the present performance and some archaeological and geological applications of the Tandetron-I AMS, as well as a brief introduction to a so-called second generation AMS machine, an AMS ^<14>C dating apparatus, currently of the highest performance, manufactured by High Voltage Engineering Europe, BV, the Netherlands, which has been recently installed at the Dating and Materials Research Center. Results of the recent performance tests of the Tandetron-II AMS machine are briefly described.



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