The environmental changes presumed by AMS <14>^C ages of algal sediments in antarctic lakes, near the Showa Station


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  • 湖底藻類堆積物のAMS <14>^C年代からみた昭和基地周辺の環境変遷

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Many lakes of which the size is various around the Showa Station exist, and the thick layers of algal sediments are deposited at the lake bed. In the sediment formed in the place without the artificial disturbance, it seems to carve the change of the environment from the age in which algae started the growth in the lakes. It was made that one part of the environmental transition around the lakes and the Showa Station was clarified from the change of diatom species composition in the sediments to be main purpose. In this study, next two-point became clear. 1) About 4,000yrBP, the ground upheaval with the deglaciation was generated around the Lake O-ike, West Ongul Island, and the sea level relatively lowered. As the result, the Lake O-ike was formed. 2) It was indicated that the environmental change in which accumulation rate of algal sediments in lake bed quickens in lakes around the Showa Station about 2000yrBP happened. It will be considered this environmental change also affect diatom species composition.



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