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^<14>C age of the buried soil in the Punakha area, Bhutan(Summaries of Researches Using AMS)

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  • ブータン中部プナカにおける埋没腐植土の ^<14>C年代(タンデトロン加速器質量分析計業績報告2004(平成16)年度)


^<14>C dating of the buried humic soil was carried out to know the age of large-scale GLOF occurrence along the Tsang Chhu River in the Punakha area in Bhutan. Top layer of the buried soil was dated 2,924+28 (1σ) y.B.R(NUTA2-7773). It is younger than the expected age of the Bajo terrace surface, which was formed before the M2 terrace along the Tsang Chhu River in the Last Glacial Period. The reason of it might be that the humic soil was formed on the alluvial fan deposits overlain by the moved mass of the sandy deposits of the Bajo terrace.

タンデトロン加速器質量分析計業績報告 Summaries of Researches Using AMS 2004 (平成16)年度


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