Japan’s Academics in the “Third Space” : Comparative Studies of Areas of Admission and Research Administration at National Universities

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  • 第三領域における大学教員の仕事とキャリア : 国立大学の入試担当とURAの調査から
  • ダイサン リョウイキ ニ オケル ダイガク キョウイン ノ シゴト ト キャリア : コクリツ ダイガク ノ ニュウシ タントウ ト URA ノ チョウサ カラ

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In recent years, new types of academics have increased at national universities in Japan. They have the characteristics of the “Third Space” Professionals as described by Whitchurch. Their primary role is not education and research, but social services or administration. Among these kinds of academics, we conducted questionnaire surveys in two areas; admissions and research administration. In this paper, we reported the result of these surveys, and analyzed similarities and differences of the two areas. In both areas, duties and backgrounds varied, and the percentage of non-tenure-track faculty was relatively high. Conversely, there was a notable difference in awareness of taking on teaching and / or research responsibilities. The majority of the academics in charge of admissions considered it necessary to take on education and research. In contrast, the majority of the academics in charge of research administration did not consider it necessary to take on education and research. These results indicate that the third space academics in Japan not only have a diversity of duties and backgrounds but also an awareness of their role as university faculty.


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