Rice Landrace (Oryza sativa L.) Field Survey and Collection in Xiengkhouang and Houaphan Provinces of Laos in 2014


Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is a staple food in the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao P.D.R or Laos). It is grown and consumed nationwide and recently in this country both modern and traditional rice varieties have been used. Diversity of variety and its conservation are important for future use of such genetic resources. The provinces of Xiengkhouang and Houaphan, located in the north eastern region of Laos, are well known as major producers of Khao Kai Noi (KKN), a traditional rice variety. In order to observe the diversity of rice, especially of KKN in these two provinces, we conducted a survey and sample collection during the harvest season from October 16th to November 1st, 2014. We visited paddy fields where KKN was found. We identified and interviewed the farm owners and requested for rice panicles. We majorly focused on the collection of KKN but also collected other traditional rice varieties that were grown in the same farmer's paddy field. In total we collected 60 samples from both the provinces for future utilization and germplasm study. Thirty-two samples were collected from Xiengkhouang province which comprised of 25 accession of KKN and 7 accessions of other traditional rice. Whereas, twenty-eight accession comprised of 24 and 4 of KKN and other rice, respectively were collected from Houaphan province. All samples together with passport data were stocked in the Lao national genebank, Agriculture Research Center (or Napork center), National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI) for future utilization and study of this germplasm.


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