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南琉球・多良間島方言の格再考 : ni:格,Nka格を中心に

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  • ミナミリュウキュウ ・ タリョウ カントウ ホウゲン ノ カクサイコウ : ni:カク,Nkaカク オ チュウシン ニ

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Okinawa International University


Prior studies, including my previous arguments, have asserted that there are 12 to 14 case forms in the Tarama dialect: -O, -nu, -ga, -ju, -ba, -ni, -tu, -sji:, -kara, -Nka, -Nke:, -gami (-juL, -ti:). However, because of a reconsideration of Tarama case, it is necessary to recognize a new instrumental case form -ni:. Previously, this case form had been included under the case particle ni. I also propose that Tarama has two varieties of the form -Nka: the first being a case particle, and the other a derivational suffix that attaches the lexical meaning "inside" to nouns. With these two points in mind, I use this paper to provide a reanalysis of case in Tarama.


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