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Examination of Irradiation Conditions Using LED Light for the Growth of Tomato Seedlings

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  • トマト育苗のための LED 光照射条件の検討
  • トマト イクビョウ ノ タメ ノ LED ヒカリ ショウシャ ジョウケン ノ ケントウ

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To study the growth of tomato seedlings, we used LED light at different wavelengths under various irradiation conditions such as different combinations of LED light, light intensity, and lighting time schedule. For the experiments, we used the 'Momotaro-York' and 'Rinka 409' cultivars of tomato. We examined LED irradiation conditions suitable for the growth of tomato seedlings, and compared the growth results to those obtained using fluorescent light. In addition, we calculated and evaluated the electricity consumption and efficacy of LED light per dry weight of tomato seedlings produced. To culture the seedlings, we used the "Nae terrace" system, and we changed the light source from fluorescent light to red, blue, green, and far-red LED light. A comparison of the dry weight of the seedlings per daily light integral under each light condition for 'Momotaro-York' suggested that irradiating tomatoes with far-red light in addition to red and blue light, or irradiating with blue and red light alternately, yields similar or better results as compared to those obtained using fluorescent light. Moreover, the electricity consumption when using alternating blue and red light irradiation was 62-79% of that when fluorescent light was used. This suggests that alternating blue and red light irradiation could contribute to electrical cost saving in tomato seedling production. We obtained similar results for 'Rinka 409' ; however, we obtained different results for 'Momotaro-York' under some irradiation conditions, which could be attributed to the varietal differences between the two tomato cultivars.


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