Ocean circulation in the Southern Ocean driving global climate change : Agulhas leakage and Weddell gyre

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  • 全球気候変動を駆動する南大洋海洋循環 : アガラスリーケージとウェッデルジャイヤ
  • ゼン キュウ キコウ ヘンドウ オ クドウ スル ミナミタイヨウ カイヨウ ジュンカン : アガラスリーケージ ト ウェッデルジャイヤ

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The Southern Ocean plays a very important role in the global climate change on the present and geologic past. To resolve the causes and processes of atmospheric CO2 change, it is important to understand the mechanisms and processes of sub-systems in the Antarctic Cryosphere such as a change of biological productivity, surface water frontal system, sea-ice distribution, surface stratification, and wind-driven upwelling. Migration of the Southern Ocean fronts affects the intensity of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) through changes in the Agulhas leakage. In addition, expansion and reduction of the Weddell gyre changes the geographical variability and its changes of surface stratification and biological pump. These changes are derived from changing the sea ice distribution and their melting spots with migration of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.


  • 低温科学

    低温科学 76 121-134, 2018-03-31


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