Public interest and expectation for science : Comparative study of eight scientific fields

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  • 公衆の基礎科学への「興味」と「期待」 : 8分野比較
  • コウシュウ ノ キソ カガク エ ノ 「 キョウミ 」 ト 「 キタイ 」 : 8 ブンヤ ヒカク

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This study focuses on the difference of public interest and expectation for eight scientific fields. The investigated fields included astronomy, planetary science, particle physics, mathematics, solid state physics, paleontology, seismology, and molecular biology. For analyzing the interest and expectation for the eight science fields, a survey was administered to 780 people over 20 years old. Expectation was rated high in the fields in which research contents are easy to understand and the research findings are believed to be linked to daily life. On the other hand, fields considered to be abstract and not related with daily life were rated lower in public interest and expectation. On the basis of these findings, we will discuss the future of science communication in these fields.


  • 科学技術コミュニケーション

    科学技術コミュニケーション 11 83-93, 2012-06

    北海道大学 高等教育推進機構 高等教育研究部 科学技術コミュニケーション教育研究部門(CoSTEP)

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