Study on low back and posterior pelvic pain in postpartum

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  • 産褥期の腰痛に関する研究

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Purpose: To clarify occurrence status of low back and posterior pelvic pain and its effect on daily activities in postparturn. Method: We surveyed about time of occurrence of low back and posterior pelvic pain, sites where it occurred and its effect on daily activities by self-reported questionnaire. The data were collected by mailing methods. Object persons for the study were postpartum women who delivered babies in four facilities in Hokkaido. The authors collected 253 valid responses out of 598 questionnaire papers distributed(42.3%). Results and Discussion: Low back and posterior pelvic pain was found in 58.5% at women one week after delivery. And 55.3% at one month after the delivery. Furthermore, low back pain in postpartum was continuous pain started from pregnant period. Major sites where the pain occurred were lumbar portion of back and sacroiliac joints and it was complex pain. Morever, the occurrence rate of the pain hardly improved, and continuous in iliac crest, lumber portion of back, sacroiliac joints and rear surface of femurs. However, it guessed that the degree of the pain was an improvement tendency. Low back and posterior pelvic pain's effects on daily activities were seen in sleep and child care. This study was necessary to provide for intervention such as methods of daily activities and rehabilitation.


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