Responding to the Potential Needs of Disaster Victims : How Local Volunteers Take Initiative in Emergent Network Organizations

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  • 創発ネットワーク組織による潜在的ニーズへの対応 : 被災地住民ボランティアの意識に着目して
  • ソウハツ ネットワーク ソシキ ニ ヨル センザイテキ ニーズ ヘノ タイオウ ヒサイチ ジュウミン ボランティア ノ イシキ ニ チャクモク シテ


In recent times, the organization of volunteers during disaster responses has shown remarkable progress. Previous studies have indicated that the spontaneous creativity of individual volunteers in responding to the needs of disaster victims has been overlooked because of the striving for effectiveness in the organization of volunteering. This paper focuses on the initiative of volunteers belonging to organizations in responding to potential victim needs. A case study was conducted on the “Yokatai Net Kumamoto” networking organization, led by local volunteers, and launched in the aftermath of the Kumamoto earthquake. It focuses on two relief efforts this organization carried out on behalf of the most disadvantaged, and outlines how local volunteers became aware of the potential needs of victims, and acted to respond to these needs. First, the paper explores the process by which local volunteers conducted interviews of disaster victims who evacuated in their vehicles without administrative support, instead of going to shelters, and publicized their situations. Second, by depicting what took place during a party held in temporary housing, the paper reveals how local volunteers collectively collaborated with government agencies.


  • 災害と共生

    災害と共生 4 (1), 115-131, 2020-09


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