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Report on the Columbia Center of Oral History(CCOH)

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  • コロンビア大学・CCOH(Columbia Center of Oral History)におけるオーラルヒストリー調査とアーカイブについて

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type:Working Paper

The purpose of this paper is to examine the operations of an overseas oralhistory unit- the Columbia Center of Oral History(CCOH)at ColumbiaUniversity. We visited the CCOH, which is based at the Columbia University,to study investigation activities, management, and method of publicpresentation of data in an oral history center. The effectiveness of theCCOH's work results from the expertise of their management. This reportdocuments our careful investigation of their practical expertise. We believeour report will be useful to people who are planning to start a full-scale oralhistory center in Japan. Although there is a considerable interest in theconcept of oral history in Japan, the necessary infrastructure is currentlyundeveloped. Given the situation in Japan, we believe the informationcontained in this report is of a substantial value.



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