A Case of the Environment Study at the River

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  • 地域の河川をフィールドとした環境学習の取り組み
  • チイキ ノ カセン オ フィールド ト シタ カンキョウ ガクシュウ ノ トリクミ

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In this paper, an example of the program for the water environment study was presented. So far, many cases of the programs or activities for the environment studies at the river have been reported. Most of them were restricted in the school area or the students' home area. And it was rare case that the result of each activity has been compared or discussed comprehensively even if it has been held in every year and the same place. However, it is significant for the environment studies to discuss about relationships between the data of their own area and those of neighbor area. And also accumulating of data is important to discuss about changes of the environmental factors in every year. Therefore in the present study, the better way to plan the "Riverside Activity" for the water environment studies was shown and discussed.


  • 学校教育実践学研究

    学校教育実践学研究 12 121-127, 2006-03-20


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