Nonprofits as communication communities

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  • 対話的コミュニティとしてのNPO
  • タイワテキ コミュニティ トシテ ノ NPO

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Nonprofit organizations not only conduct public interest projects but also play the role of a 'communication community' that creates bonds among members through dialogues and discussions on public matters. In this study, we examine the factors that enable nonprofits to function as 'communication communities' and how communication between members affects a nonprofit's organizational operation. Analysis based on quantitative data shows that a nonprofit's strong communication community character is determined by its field of activity, the size of the organization, and the composition of its members, among other factors. It is further clarified that nonprofits are communication communities, which facilitates achievement of goals and reducing anxiety about the organization's survival.


  • 評論・社会科学

    評論・社会科学 (135), 15-32, 2020-12-31

    The Association of Social Studies, Doshisha University

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