A Report on Japanese-Language Academic Writing for International Students at Hyogo International House

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  • 留学生に対する日本語アカデミックライティング支援 : 「兵庫国際交流会館における国際交流拠点推進事業」の取り組み
  • リュウガクセイ ニ タイスル ニホンゴ アカデミックライティング シエン : 「 ヒョウゴ コクサイ コウリュウ カイカン ニ オケル コクサイ コウリュウ キョテン スイシン ジギョウ 」 ノ トリクミ

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This is a report on a support program for international students who write academic papers in Japanese. The program, called the Japanese Academic Writing Lab for International Students, is coordinated by the Center for International Education (CIE) at the Kobe University as a part of the “International Exchange Promotion at Hyogo International House (HIH) ”project commissioned by the Japan Student Services Organization. Many universities have recently established their own writing centers, for example by the Waseda Writing Center, to develop independent writers through interactional tutoring on academic writing, based on principles such as “respecting a writer ’s wishes” and “utilizing dialogue.” Following these principles, the CIE established a center that offers systemic and individual support for international students who want to improve their Japanese writing. It was also designed as a project at HIH with the following objectives and specifications: (1) it is a part of the CIE Japanese education programs that helps students develop practical competence in their social activities, (2) its activities are held after school and out of campus, (3) any international student studying at universities in Hyogo prefecture can use the lab, and(4)it aims to develop both writers and tutors. To achieve its objectives, the lab adopts communicative methods with a structured flow of sessions. They promote writer–tutor interaction so that writers can detect problems with their writing and independently correct them. This paper presents the details of the tendencies of users and the sessions, focusing on the characteristics of users, types of papers, and elements of academic writing dealt with in different sessions. Additionally, it provides hints for tutoring students at different levels and describes the reactions of both users and tutors. Finally, the analysis describes the lab’s merits as an off-campus program and offers suggestions to improve the support provided.


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