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Micro-biometric authentication is a biometric authentication system that uses biometric information of small human body parts. We proposed a “biometric authentication that satisfies the right to be forgotten” in physical biometric information by using a minute part on the nail surface. However, the proposed system has some points to be improved in terms of stability, usability, and un-linkability. In this paper, we tried to develop a micro-nail authentication system that introduces presentation attack detection using reactive hyperemia and QR code as an auxiliary information attachment to solve these issues. We have improved the stability of the system by using a lower-magnification microscope, while maintaining the requirements of “biometric authentication that satisfies the right to be forgotten” by equipping presentation attack detection that enhances the resistance against presentation attacks. In addition, by printing QR codes on the surface of fingernails and using them for authentication, we have achieved template-protected biometric authentication with empty-hands (1:N authentication), which enhances the usability and un-linkability of the system.


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