Baseless-Rumor Alert Bot to Promote Reliability of Information

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<p>The dissemination of information by individuals, which has recently gained widespread attention, significantly affects multitudes of people regardless of the accuracy of the information. There is a vast amount of information available, making it difficult to identify baseless rumors, when the information is unverified. This study presents a bot called “Chillmo, ” which has been developed to alert users of such rumors. The proposed system aims to raise users' awareness of the reliability of information by actively alerting the users regarding the rumors receiving attention and providing the accurate information about such rumors through quizzes. Based on the experimental results, it was confirmed that Chillmo can make the users skeptical about rumors, promote the verification of authenticity, and raise their interest in the reliability of the information. In the future, we intend to conduct experiments with a larger number of people using the system to investigate trends by age and changes in the system usage over time.</p>


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