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Northernmost record of <i>Jesogammarus </i>(<i>Jesogammarus</i>) <i>hinumensis</i> Morino, 1993 (Malacostraca: Amphipoda: Anisogammaridae) from the Imaizumi River flowing into the Lake Jusan in Aomori Prefecture, Japan

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  • 青森県十三湖に流入する今泉川から得られた北限記録となるヒヌマヨコエビ<i>Jesogammarus </i>(<i>Jesogammarus</i>) <i>hinumensis</i>(軟甲綱:端脚目:キタヨコエビ科)
  • 青森県十三湖に流入する今泉川から得られた北限記録となるヒヌマヨコエビJesogammarus (Jesogammarus) hinumensis(軟甲綱:端脚目:キタヨコエビ科)
  • アオモリケン ジュウサンコ ニ リュウニュウ スル イマイズミガワ カラ エラレタ ホクゲン キロク ト ナル ヒヌマヨコエビ Jesogammarus (Jesogammarus) hinumensis(ナンコウ ズナ:タン キャクモク:キタヨコエビカ)

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<p>The anisogammarid amphipod Jesogammarus(Jesogammarus)hinumensis Morino, 1993 has been reported from south of Iwate Prefecture in Japan and Jeju Island in Korea. In this study, one male and one female of J.(J.)hinumensis were collected from the Imaizumi River flowing into the Lake Jusan, in the Tsugaru Peninsula of Aomori Prefecture in northern Honshu, Japan. This is the first record of J.(J.)hinumensis from the prefecture, representing the northernmost record. At the site, J.(J.)hinumensis was found under fallen leaves deposited at the roots of Phragmites australis</p>



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