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In order to prevent the spread of groundless rumor on the Internet, it is important to prevent the inadvertent spread of information by encouraging users to confirm the authenticity of the information. We have developed a system called “RumorFinder” to provide users with awareness of the existence of groundless rumors and to prompt them confirm their authenticity. In this study, we collected and analyzed the usage data of the system after releasing it to the public in order to study the effective promotion of verification and provision of useful information. The results of the analysis showed the following points: (1) The user performs a veracity check with a callout display, and this system may be able to facilitate the user's veracity check. (2) Users who are interested in the authenticity of the information can use the system without neglecting to pay attention to rumors due to long-term use. (3) We observed some users who might have stopped using the system after a period of time. The reason for this is that the detection and highlighting of rumors on many pages may have caused annoyance and discomfort. (4) The features of the rumors that users confirmed were missing some information about its content. The features of the rumors that users not confirmed were missing much information about its content.


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