Aromatherapy for women migraine patients


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  • 女性頭痛患者に対するアロマテラピーの有効性に関する研究

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<p>  Chronic headache is a common neurological disease, which sometimes interfere business and life especially in women. In the present study, we newly created a headache diary for catching details of the patients’headache, and conducted an interventional open label cross-over study(each average 28 days)with or without aromatherapy using lavender(n=12)or geranium(n=12).With these aromatic oil therapy, more than 80%of the headache patients(mean age 38.3±12.9 years old, 22 cases=migraine, 2 cases=migraine+tension headache)felt relaxed. Aromatherapy reduced a 4.4%of drug intake on the headache day as compared to the non-aromatherapy period. Aromatherapy shortened the mean sleep-in time from 26.4 to 21.2min. Unfavorable effects on the daily business and house lives decreased in aromatherapy period than non-aroma period from 70.8 to 58.3%.These results suggest a positive effect of the aromatherapy for chronic headache women for giving relaxation and decreasing business stress, and making a short sleep-in.</p>



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