Prevalence Estimation of Eating Disorders in College Athletes


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  • 大学生アスリートにおける摂食障害の有病率推定


<p>Objectives:The purpose of this study was to estimate the prevalence of eating disorders among college athletes.</p><p>Subjects and Methods:A questionnaire survey was administered to 443 college athletes who belonged to athletic club activities. The Japanese version of the Eating Disorder Diagnostic Screen DSM-5 version was used in this study.</p><p>Results:Overall, 7.0% of participants, 3.9% of men, and 12.2% of women met the diagnostic criteria for some type of eating disorder. By type of sport, males were more likely to have an eating disorder in the combat sports (13.3%), ball games (3.5%), and target sports (3.4%), while females were more likely to have an eating disorder in the aesthetic sports (17.4%), target sports (13.9%), and recording sports (10.0%), in that order. The prevalence was about twice as high when the degrees of life impairments were not considered.</p><p>Discussion:The significance of this study was to clarify the prevalence of eating disorders among male athletes in Japan and identify a type of sports with a high risk of eating disorders.</p><p>Conclusion:This study revealed that a certain number of eating disorders exist among Japanese college athletes and that support is needed based on the characteristics of high-risk sports types.</p>


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