Frictional Characteristics of the Surface Formed by Machining Combined with Laser Heat Treatment: Efficient for Static Frictional Characteristics

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  • レーザ熱処理と切削の複合加工による創生面の摩擦特性: 静止摩擦特性へおよぼす影響
  • レーザ ネツ ショリ ト セッサク ノ フクゴウ カコウ ニ ヨル ソウセイメン ノ マサツ トクセイ セイシ マサツ トクセイ エ オヨボス エイキョウ

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High coefficient of friction and wear resistance are required for a mechanical brake. Especially in a wet type brake, a rotor has necessary to contact with a pad directly to acquire high frictional force. This research is carried out to investigate the surface property with high friction coefficient of force in wet condition. The micro wavy and high hardness surface combined machining laser heat treated carbon steel. Laser heat treatment on the surface is undertaken by carbon dioxide laser. The characteristic of friction of this micro wavy surface is investigated to compare with the surface finished. The surface finished by cutting after laser heat treatment have higher static coefficient of friction compared with the surface finished by polishing or cutting. The smaller laser scan pitch becomes, the larger static coefficient of friction is obtained. When the angle between friction direction and laser scan direction is 45°, the largest static coefficient of friction is obtained.


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