Biomechanics research on the technique to “stop and kick” a soccer ball

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  • サッカーの「止めて蹴る」技術に関するバイオメカニクス研究
  • サッカー ノ 「 ヤメテ ケル 」 ギジュツ ニ カンスル バイオメカニクス ケンキュウ

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Basic techniques used in soccer include “stopping, kicking, and dribbling” the ball. The technique of “stopping” the ball is used to not only reduce the speed of the moving ball, but also control and move it to a position where the player can start the next move smoothly. The present study aimed to examine the characteristics of the technique of “stopping” the ball and the following kicking actions. The subjects were 12 male college soccer players, and they were asked to perform two types of side-foot kick: “stop and kick” the ball coming from the right front and kicking a ball placed on the ground. The college students kicked the ball aiming at a mark nine meters away from them. An optical motion capture system was used to videotape their performances, and the results were as follows: 1) The first speed of the ball and swing speed when the two types of side-foot kick were performed were similar. 2) There was no difference in the hip joint angle of the kick leg. 3) Under the two conditions, the players pulled back their right shoulder and did not twist their waist. 4) In the right ball, the trunk was twisted very quickly just before the impact. 5) When they kickedthe ball coming from the right, their bodies were facing that direction.


  • 人間健康学研究

    人間健康学研究 1 35-42, 2018-12-27


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