<i>Krama</i> in the <i>Kaṭhaśruti-Upaniṣad</i>

  • Tang Weiyi

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  • <i>Kaṭhaśruti-Upaniṣad</i>におけるkramaの考察


<p>This study aims at clarifying the significance of the term krama and its derivative anukrama found in the Kaṭhaśruti-Upaniṣad through the use of contextual analysis. Chapter 1 of the Kaṭhaśruti-Upaniṣad describes the procedure of renunciatory rites and the order of renouncers for a person who is about to become a renunciant. In this context, it suggests that krama means the proper order of ceremonies to become a renunciant. Meanwhile, depending on the interpretation of the question immediately following the example sentence of anukrama, anukrama can be interpreted as the four orders (āśrama) that a person is expected to pass through. However, it is more likely that anukrama indicates the proper sequence of ceremonies constituting the rites of renunciation.</p>



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