Overview of Hard Cyclic Viscoplastic Deformation as a New SPD Method for Modifying and Studying the Structure and Properties of Cu-Alloys

  • Kommel Lembit
    Deparment of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)



<p>In recent years, Hard Cyclic Viscoplastic Deformation has become a new effective SPD method for studying the evolution of the structure and properties of Cu-alloys without changing the dimensions of the workpieces up to their destruction during processing at room temperature. Linear compression-tension of the material in the viscoplastic region is carried out in the strain control mode in the range from ε = ±0.2% to ±3% at a constant frequency of f = 0.5 to 2 Hz with a total number of 20–40 cycles in each test series. This method can be used also to improve and stabilize the ultrafine grained microstructure, and also allows you to study changes in the mechanical, physical and functional properties of coarse grained, ultrafine grained, and nanocrystalline metallic materials. Can also to be used to study the stability and viability of metallic materials and predict their suitability over time in harsh environments such as space and military applications.</p>



    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 65 (2), 109-118, 2024-02-01

    公益社団法人 日本金属学会

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