The significance and possibilities for constructing sociology of body

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  • 身体の社会学を構築する意義とその可能性
  • シンタイ ノ シャカイガク オ コウチクスル イギ ト ソノ カノウセイ

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This paper reviews historical background of setting up problems of sport sociology and taken up a meaning of body as an independent subject within sport sociology. While putting a focus on the body, it contributes to opening a new horizon in cognition theory, as referred to from the genealogy of French ethnology and sociology. The author discusses theoretical meaning and concrete strategy in a construct of sociology of body, basing mostly on: 1) M. Mauss - his theory of vision and method in &lttechnique du corps&gt 2) C. Levi=Strauss - his theory of &ltunconscious&gt 3) P. Bourdieu - his theory of vision in &lthabitus&gt and look at the body Constructing sociology of body, means to focus on body that brings over boundaries of objective structure/subjective practice, consciousness/unconsciousness and verbal/nonverval. That focus seems helpful to open a new horizon in cognition theory. Finally, as a concrete subject in sociology of body, you can find in this paper a plain debate on Japanese &lttechnique du corps&gt and their mental analyses taken under relation to military training and physical education. The author explains the significance of such relation and importance of this subject and its methodology.


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