Effectiveness of Author-Assigned Keywords to INIS Indexing

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  • 著者付与重要語のINISインデクシングに対する有用性
  • チョシャ フヨ ジュウヨウゴ ノ INIS インデクシング ニ タイスル ユウ

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A test was carried out on the quality of indexing data which is based only upon author-assigned keywords in order to appreciate effectiveness of the keywords. As measures of the quality, the retrievability and the consistency of the indexing data were evaluated by comparison with the case of the conventional indexing method under the circumstances of the INIS descriptor assignment to the journal articles of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan. The indexing consistency obtained was approximately 0.61 on an average (or 0.66 when the narrower-broader hierarchical relations were regarded as consistent ones). Of the hit, noise, or total documents retrieved with the conventional indexing data, 0.86, 0.27, or 0.71, respectively, were retrievable with the keywords-based indexing data. From the results the recall ratio for the keywords-based indexing is estimated to be no less than 0.86 of that for the conventional indexing method, and the consistency of the hit documents are to be 0.75 at least. Consequently, the author-assigned keywords proved to be very effective to the document indexing.


  • Dokumenteshon kenkyu

    Dokumenteshon kenkyu 27 (2), 45-54, 1977

    Information Science and Technology Association, Japan


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