Treatment of Light Phenomena in the Context of Wave and Electromagnetic Optics

  • OKAMOTO Takashi
    Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology

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  • 波動や電磁波としての光の解析
  • 光と色彩講座(第5講)波動や電磁波としての光の解析
  • ヒカリ ト シキサイ コウザ(ダイ5コウ)ハドウ ヤ デンジハ ト シテ ノ ヒカリ ノ カイセキ

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Propagation and scattering of light in a medium is one of the major topics in the study of color materials as well as in many other research fields. Several optical theories dealing with the topic have been developed so far, including geometrical optics and quantum optics. If the minimum length scale of an object of interest is much larger than the wavelength of light, we can discuss the problems of light reflection and refraction by treating the light as rays. For smaller length scales, however, there are some phenomena which cannot be described by geometrical optics. In this case, we need to treat light as scalar or vector waves. The present article presents the theoretical treatment of light phenomena in the context of wave and electromagnetic optics. The finite-difference time-domain method is introduced as a numerical method for analyzing light propagation and scattering in complex media.



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