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Naphthoquinone Derivatives from the Ebenaceae. II. Isodiospyrin, Bisisodiospyrin, and Mamegakinone from Diospyros lotus L. and D. morrisiana HANCE

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7-Methyljuglone (II), mamegakinone (III), isodiospyrin (IV), and bisisodiospyrin (V) were isolated from the roots of Diospyros lotus. (IV) and (V) were also isolated from the roots of D. morrisiana. The structure of (IV) was confirmed by the nuclear Overhauser effects observed in the methyl ether (IV'). Bisisodiospyrin (V) is a naphthoquinone tetramer corresponding to the symmetrical dimer of isodiospyrin (IV) linking at 2'- or 3'-position. The plants contain betulin, betulinic acid, oxyallobetulin, taraxerol, lupeol, and ursolic acid.


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