An Essay about the Preservation of Media: Introduction to the Way of Long Term Use of Digital Media

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  • メディアの保存に関する試論:デジタル・メディアを手掛かりとして
  • メディア ノ ホゾン ニ カンスル シロン : デジタル ・ メディア オ テガカリ ト シテ

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With the spread of digital media, there is a growing concern about the long-term use of it. In this paper, based on the problems related to preservation of digital media, we re-examine the way of preservation of the media in general. We regard media as having two aspects, “message” and “carrier” which carry the message. “Message” contains not only the contents of media but also the act of transmission. From this point, we clarify that “message” of the same media depend on each person, and differ among Museum, Library and Archives. This insight will be the basis for preservation and conservation of media in the future.


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