Stabilization of Phase IV in Ce<I><SUB>x</SUB></I>La<SUB>1−<I>x</I></SUB>B<SUB>6</SUB> (<I>x</I>=0.4,0.5) by Pr and Nd Ion Dopings

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  • Stabilization of Phase IV in CexLa1-xB6(x=0.4, 0.5) by Pr and Nd Ion Dopings


We have studied the effect of magnetic rare-earth ion (Pr, Nd) doping on phase IV in CexLa1−xB6 (x=0.4,0.5) systems. An unexpected large increase in the IV–I transition temperature TIV–I by Pr and Nd dopings was observed, while no such increase was observed for x≥0.6. Although we do not know the reason why the doping effect markedly differs between x≤0.5 and x≥0.6 at present, the order parameter in phase IV for x≤0.5 is coupled with the magnetic dipole moment of Pr and Nd ions and phase IV is stabilized.


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