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New Patent Classification CPC (Cooperative Patent Classification) between the EPO and the USPTO(<Special feature>Considerations for patent classification)

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  • 欧州と米国の新しい特許分類CPC(欧州米国共通特許分類)の活用と留意点(<特集>特許分類を考える)
  • 欧州と米国の新しい特許分類 : CPC(欧州米国共通特許分類)の活用と留意点
  • オウシュウ ト ベイコク ノ アタラシイ トッキョ ブンルイ : CPC(オウシュウ ベイコク キョウツウ トッキョ ブンルイ)ノ カツヨウ ト リュウイテン

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Since January 2013, CPC (Cooperative Patent Classification) has been launched between the European Patent Office (EPO) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Until now, the USPTO had been using the highly unique United States Patent Classification (USPC). With the start of the CPC, it can be said that the USPTO compromised to a classification system that follows the International Patent Classification (IPC). The EPO and USPTO hope to eliminate duplicated work and share information. Also, in understanding the classification system and determining the research classification, there should be a reduction in burden for the general user. In the future, it is suggested that there may be a certain influence on IPC reform. Here we give a general overview of the events leading to the CPC system, a summary of the classification system, browsing the classification table, a search strategy, etc.


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