A display of cover image using Amazon Web Services(<Special feature>Encouragement of software use for information professionals)

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  • Amazon Webサービスを使って表紙画像を表示する(<特集>ソフトウエア活用のススメ)
  • Amazon Webサービスを使って表紙画像を表示する
  • Amazon Web サービス オ ツカッテ ヒョウシ ガゾウ オ ヒョウジスル

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The Amazon Web Services is API that Amazon offers. We can use it in combination with Associates program. By mashing up both these and each library's resource, library's Web Sites have the possibility of creating new services. This article describes, a basic technique, how to show cover images. I program PHP script with open source and explain it. And now there is a situation of the concomitance of ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 about ASIN and ISBN. It explains how to convert and the problem for programming.



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