Problems about ILL (Interlibrary Loan and Lending) in the electric journal age(<Special feature>The past, present and future of ILL/DDS)

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  • 電子ジャーナル時代のILL : 大阪大学附属図書館生命科学図書館の事例から(<特集>文献複写サービスの過去・現在・未来)
  • 電子ジャーナル時代のILL--大阪大学附属図書館生命科学図書館の事例から
  • デンシ ジャーナル ジダイ ノ ILL オオサカ ダイガク フゾク トショカン セイメイ カガク トショカン ノ ジレイ カラ

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This article discusses problems about ILL (Interlibrary Loan and Lending) in the electric journal age from a transition of the number of ILL receipt in the Osaka University Life Sciences Library. First, details and the feature of the increase and decrease of this acceptance number of 20 years or more. Furthermore, after there is an electronic journal subscription scale reduction in the future, it is described that development and the operation of the system that can retrieve a new document supply system, document retrieval, and the holdings information in the integrated are necessary in an efficient document supply by ILL in the library without the printing form.



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