Relations Between the Clothing Consciousness and the Norms of Clothing of Student

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  • 学生の被服意識と着装規範の関係
  • 学生の被服意識と着装規範の関係 : 準拠集団行動からの考察
  • ガクセイ ノ ヒフク イシキ ト チャクソウキハン ノ カンケイ : ジュンキョ シュウダン コウドウ カラ ノ コウサツ
  • - 準拠集団行動からの考察 -
  • ― Consideration on the Behavior of Reference Group ―

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<p>In late years, with the diversification and the individualization of the fashion, youth tends not to read fashion magazines. This tendency is one of the most serious problems in the fashion business which made the magazine medium a main marketing communication tool. One of these causes is the transformation of the norm of clothing.</p><p>However, for this transformation, it is hardly discussed in the existing consumer behavior study.In addition, there are few studies to explore what kind of fashion consciousness a recent youth have,and what kind of factor it are prescribed in, based on the consumer behavior process.</p><p>Therefore, this study explores the relationship of students between the clothing consciousness and the norm of clothing.</p>


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