Study on the Development of Antibacterial Dental Resin using Silver Methacrylate as an Antibacterial Substance : Part 1 Solubility of Silver Methacrylate in MMA and the Mechanical Strength of the Resin with Silver Methacrylate

  • KURATA Shigeaki
    Kanagawa Dental College, Department of Biomaterials & Devices
  • NIHEI Tomotaro
    Kanagawa Dental College, Department of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics
  • UMEMOTO Kozo
    Kanagawa Dental College, Department of Biomaterials & Devices

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  • メタクリル酸銀を応用した抗菌性歯科用レジン材料(第1報)

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The development of antibacterial dental resin using the silver methacrylate monomer (MAg) as an antibacterial substance was tried. The solubility of MAg in methyl methacrylate (MMA) was examined, and then the mechanical property of the polymer obtained by polymerization of MAg-containing MMA was tested. As a result, MAg was dissolved into MMA at a concentration of 84μmol/l, and it was suggested that the concentration was sufficient for the appearance of antibacterial activity. The resin obtained was transparent and colorless, and there was no esthetic problem. The compressive and bending strength of the resin were not significantly different compared with those of PMMA.


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