A New Investment Containing Stabilized Zirconia-Capsuled Quartz for Titanium Casting : Mechanical Properties and Surface Reaction Layers of Casting

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  • 安定化ジルコニアでカプセル化した石英を含むチタン鋳造用埋没材 : 鋳造体の機械的性質と表面反応層

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A non-phosphate bonded investment including quartz capsuled with stabilized zirconia was developed for casting titanium. The mechanical properties of castings were compared between the experimental investment and a commercially available phosphate-bonded silica investment. The tensile strength values were almost the same for both castings, while the elongation was higher than that of castings from the commercial investment. Although the inner hardness was almost the same for both castings, the hardness in the surface layer was lower. The reaction layer of the casting was clearly thinner. These results suggested that the capsulizing zirconia significantly reduced the reaction of molten titanium with silica, which improved the quality of titanium casting.


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