Image of Damage and Evacuation Response to a Hypothetical Earthquake

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  • 地震発生想定時の人々の抱く被害イメージと避難レスポンス
  • ジシン ハッセイ ソウテイジ ノ ヒトビト ノ ダク ヒガイ イメージ ト ヒナン レスポンス

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Based on SP survey data (Hiroshima 2001, Sendai 2003, and Kobe 2003, 2009), this study investigates the differences in people's image of building damage and rates of evacuation response in a hypothetical earthquake. Through multiple correspondence analysis, this study finds that people intuitively judge the damage level of buildings by the appearances of cracks, debris, and inclination, and assess the damage level either as "light damage" (no damage or slight), or "remarkable damage" (moderate or heavy). Furthermore, the analysis shows that damage image is often underestimated than the image prescribed by the researchers. The logistic model also confirms that evacuation rate based on people's image is higher than that of researcher's.



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