Study on issue and state of independent machizukuri in ex-Dowa area of post-Dowa community solution program period

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  • 同和対策関連事業失効後の旧同和地区における自立に向けたまちづくりの現状と課題に関する考察
  • Focus on the provision of various welfare functions by social welfare service in three communities in Osaka city
  • 大阪市の3地区における社会福祉事業を中心とする地域福祉諸機能の提供に着目して


After the termination of a continuous effort of Dowa community solution program in ex-Dowa area in 2002, each local community has tried to become independent and promoted "independent machizukuri". In this study, we focus on how each community tries to provide various service functions independently before and after 2002. What' more, in the case of Osaka city, all of these local facilities were finally abolished recent year. In order to realize the situation today, we pick up three communities in Osaka city for case study and comparison, and we especially focus on social welfare service that covers children, elderly, and handicapped according to the Social Welfare Act.


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