Present condition of housing support policy for aborigine in Taiwan

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  • 台湾における都市原住民の居住実態と居住支援策に関する考察
  • A study based on the field research of squatter settlement and resettled resident in aborigine public housing
  • スクォッター居住地と移転先としての原住民公営住宅居住者への調査を踏まえて


There is about 539,000 aborigines, 2% of the whole population in Taiwan who have unique traditional culture and living area. However they are considered socially and economically disadvantaged due to the discrimination. Many of them moved into urban area to find a job and have no choice but live in poor housing condition. CIP, the national government proposed "aborigine housing improvement program" and promoted strategy based on "Housing act" to provide housing support for aborigine. This study focused on the policy and its outcome, we also operated a case study to realize the real living condition in aboriginal public housing.


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